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The success story of VALIRYO

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Valiryo is a shower drying column that guarantees a unique drying experience.

What did the project consist of?

Sell your products through international markets. The presence of its products stands out on platforms with a global presence and also in a niche, reaching sales in countries such as the United Arab Emirates, AUS, USA…
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An FBM shipping strategy is used due to the dimensions and weight of the product, but this has never been a problem. Valiryo is found all over the world.
Estrategia de Ad Words
Relying on advertising campaigns mainly on Amazon Ads and other platforms, focusing exclusively on the keywords that identify the product.
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International sales represent more than 90% of the company’s turnover. Focus your strategy on your online store and the different marketplaces so that VALIRYO is recognized globally.

Your project can be as follows

Each company and its level of digital maturity is unique and changeable! Ask us to analyse the best option for collaboration with our team and be another success story.
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